Shirley McKinnon is one of Australiaʼs leading business speakers on the subjects of peak performance and personal, team and organisational turnaround. Her passion, energy and humour inject new life into the business arena. Her impact is immediate, noticeable and measurable. Those who have attended her sessions know that her experiential style of training results in enormous fun, and surprising discoveries — and the learning sticks!

Shirley is a Master Coach, building busi­ness growth and profitability through the development of owners, managers and staff. As a writer, she paints powerful word pictures, which enrol people willingly in the improvement process. As a trainer, she has a wealth of real-life business examples, which entertain, inspire and teach. As a facilitator, she has the ability to lead teams to understand behaviour, the first step to genuine communication and connection.

Shirley has trained or consulted to the following industries: Oil and gas (and the consulting companies who support them), construction, mining, hospitality, property develop­ment, new-home construction, interior decorating, real estate, advertising agencies, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, retail, franchising, recruitment, engineering (chartered, civil, hydraulic), manufacturing, concrete/cement, financial planning, law firms, accounting firms, aged care groups, medical teams, network marketing groups, insulation, painting, plumbing, gas fitting, mortgages, high school staff, sports teams, fitness, IT, airlines, travel agencies, government departments, water and gas corporations, to name a few.


Shirley is an expert at creating successful intervention strategies and has been remarkably successful in improving communication and pro­ductivity. She specialises in refocusing and restoring harmony within dysfunctional teams,
particularly in the oil and gas, construction and mining industries.

In mid-2005, she facilitated the end to an industrial dispute at Woodsideʼs Train 4 at Karratha in Western Australia between two contractors. She has facilitated and coordinated seamless mergers of opposing cultures, by addressing potential “hot spots” and creating strategies, which re­moved resistance and changed attitudes.


Shirley has an uncanny ability to infiltrate the way people think, and is one of those rare trainers who can change a teamʼs attitude, and lead them to willingly change. She has a proven track record of dramatic change with management teams who are highly qualified in technical expertise but demonstrate poor people skills, mediocre and poorly per­forming sales teams or unwilling and resistant customer service teams. She has worked with sports teams and their coaches.

Her specifically written case studies create experiential learning where individuals make their own discoveries and lead to a unique level of hon­esty and discussion. She is able to foster high creativity, while achieving the challenge of getting teams to take responsibility for their results.

Shirley has proven her strategies work, moving one project team from high conflict to a level of cooperation where they could complete the project. One management team in the mining industry claimed they were four times more productive after a workshop with Shirley. Her training is highly effective as she is able to identify the real issues, rather than simply try to address the symptoms.

Master Coach

Shirleyʼs coaching has been life-changing for many hundreds of people. She creates immediate and noticeable changes in the way people think and behave. They discover hidden barriers in their subconscious at­titudes and behavioural patterns they were unaware of, although they were only too aware of the unwanted results. Shirley is a master at getting to the root of the problem, one that is often a complete surprise to the person being coached.

An initially sceptical, experienced sales person has one coaching ses­sion and achieves $200,000 sales over and above the $500,000 budget his company has set for him.

A small business owner reorganises both himself and his office and gains an extra 15 hours from his busy working week. He says he got a good hard look at a reality he had been avoiding.

A CEO dramatically reduces the stress of running the business in the highly pressurised oil and gas industry. He not only increases the effec­tiveness of his team, but the business shows an increase in profitability. He attributes the change to his personal coaching sessions.

A counsellor, whose business has been unprofitable, has two coaching sessions and within two weeks is making more money that he has ever made before. He is now working on the project he has always dreamed of creating, in addition to running a successful and profitable practice.

Expert for the Media

In demand as an expert by the media, Shirley was the Behaviour Expert for the local Perth reality show, Suburban Survivor, on 92.9FM. She was the Relationship and Communication Coach for Singles WA with scallywags Gary Kay and Paul Redman, which resulted in her conduct­ing weekly talkback shows on Mix94.5FM for more than 18 months. Channel 7 took the show to the television audience.

International Speaker

Shirley has spoken at conferences in all capital cities around Australia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Phuket. She has the remarkable ability to capture and hold an audienceʼs attention with a fast-moving combination of stories, real business examples, humour and practical ideas that change the way people see themselves and their jobs. Shirley is that rare professional speaker who manages to combine solid content with style, humour and energy.

International Business Author

Shirley is a prolific writer on management and self-development, to create high performance teams and business growth. She explains behaviour and enables you to better understand both self and those around you.


Team Play, Strategies for Successful People Management. Used as a management course book at one university, this popular book has also been published in Korea.

Coach Yourself to Wealth was Dymockʼs Business Book of the Month when published and reveals Shirleyʼs research on why people are poor at negotiating, selling and handling money. The practical exercises at the end of each chapter reveal emotional baggage around money is what Shirley calls the hidden barriers to success and wealth.


Herding Cats is a workbook for leaders of commission-only teams and network marketers. This unique and practical self-coaching manual reveals things about your leadership coaching style that you may not have realised before. Understand completely the reasons behind why you impact some people positively, and others negatively.

From Project Manager to Project Leader, Managing Relationships for the Life of the Project is a must for every project manager. This unique resource is part of the Hijack® Series (Donʼt let your good in­tentions be Hijacked® by the job!) and is an invaluable workbook for getting the project in under budget and on time.

Monetary and Non-Monetary Incentives, Managing Team Motiva­tion for the Life of the Project is a workbook and CD set. This manual guides you through the process of understanding motivation, how to plan your incentives leading up to the pressure points of the project with pages of ideas for incentives.

CDs – The Money and Meaning Series

Professional Development for People in Business

Creating a Laser Focus. Having a strong focus makes less-stressed business owners, more resistant sales people, more motivated em­ployees and more profitable businesses.

Make More Sales. Learn why so many businesses are missing out on thousands of dollars of missed sales. And what to do about it. Why creating desire is vital for todayʼs customer and how to do it. Learn the secret on how to become powerfully persuasive.


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