Sales Training

Why are your sales not reaching expectations?

If your sales are not consistently exceeding your budget, we’ll
help you identify the specific problem. There are many reasons
sales are sluggish:

  • Lack of sales skills and/or a reluctance to seem ‘pushy’.
  • Lack of systems which support the sales role which give them an excuse to stay in the office
  • Lack of skill in the Sales Manager who manages the team
  • Plenty of product knowledge but weak in presenting the product persuasively against a competitor – especially if
    that competitor is cheaper
  • Paid too high a base salary with no incentive to earn more
  • Barriers of attitude or erroneous beliefs about the product/service, themselves and their ability or what the client wants
  • Lack of skill in finding new clients
  • Lack of skill in up-selling
  • Lack of skill in repeat sales
  • Poor time management
  • Poor territory management
  • Sloppiness in the sales process such as cutting corners, not reading buying signals and talking too much.
  • You have the wrong person in the job

We can help with all these issues. We evaluate individuals to identify
training needs. We assess support and structure to ensure that all is
in place to support the sales process.

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