Facilitating Meetings

We all know how difficult it is to stay on track and stick to time while gaining insights and reach the meeting objectives. Some meetings are to clarify, improve communication and get all participants on the same wave-length.

It takes an experienced facilitator to achieve these with a group of managers with strong opinions and flowing ideas.

We have experienced facilitators for the following types of meetings:

  • To clarify and focus partners or management teams
  • For effective strategic planning meetings
  • To align a team in the desired direction
  • To prepare a team for change management or assimilation of a new culture
  • To address and handle conflict within the team and refocus them on the job
  • To set-up a creative environment to design alternative ideas
  • To lead a team to the decision you would like to see them commit to

Feedback from Facilitation

rate the level of facilitation as excellent. We all benefited from the
conference and are keen to catch up to review “where to from here”. 

Mandy Heugh, HR Manager, Carey Mining