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How to make sure your good intentions are not Hijacked by the job.

See if you can spot the difference between the two brothers and the reason behind it.

Bob is a perfectionist and drives himself hard to achieve high standards, and expects it of others. Bob focuses on procedures and the Management Control system, rather than on the people doing the work.

Bob’s team does not handle conflict well. Anger and frustration spill over with no project compass, comments evolve into anger directed at colleagues or contractor. Personalities become entwined with issues. The Management team is rapidly becoming bogged down, overwhelmed with detail and procrastination. In an effort to catch up, they have dropped many of their meetings. They waste time in pointless debate of opinions. They are now too busy to plan.

Bob doesn’t believe in incentives or motivation. People are here to do a job and Bob becomes even more demanding. Some of his crew leave, confirming Bob’s opinion that they will always be looking for higher wages elsewhere. The client finally accuses Bob of deliberately lagging so he can renegotiate late payments. Unfortunately, Bob loses it and tells the client to stop trying to tell him how to do his job, and points out how uncooperative the client has been to work with.

Bob is tired and close to burnout. Thank God his wife left him after the last project, or he would be getting hell at home! He believes that projects are just hard work and exhausting to manage. Unfortunately for his project team, he will be right every time.

Andrew takes his time recruiting his team. His criteria is not just skills and experience, he wants good team players. Even in a competitive environment Andrew believes that the right team with the right attitude and focus will be critical to the successful outcomes he wants to achieve. He uses a highly recommended tool to help him choose. And once on board, he knows how to get total buy-in to his vision of the project.

Communication is a high priority. He prepares his team for an unbalanced site with possible shifting deadlines. He runs short workshops for staff, management and stakeholders who will impact on his project including the client and other contractors they will be working with.

Together with his Management Team, they anticipate problems they will face and, as a group, they design strategies to handle them. They learn to plan and communicate well. Andrew creates a focused team, heading in one direction, making a coherent offering with respect for a leader they want to succeed for. They maintain their communication and continue to plan even under increasing pressure.
Excerpt: From Project Manager to Project Leader, Managing Relationships for the Life of the Project by Shirley McKinnon

Do you know what makes the difference? Andrew uses the services of a business-oriented international Management Coach to improve his self-management and the management of his team.

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